Benarx Solutions designs, produces and deliver high-tech insulation products for the petrochemical and refinery industry. The Benarx® product series is a range of industrialised insulation solutions for passive fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation. The Benarx Solutions prefabricated insulation products offer the lowest life cycle cost (LCC), and they save valuable space and time (installation) while simplifying logistics, improving HSE performance and providing unique properties with regard to fire technology, thermodynamics, acoustics and CUI optimisation. Come see us a the PRC Exhibition and Conference to discuss you insulation needs
PRE Europe

It is a new outstanding downstream oil and gas event, that is among the key petroleum conferences in the world. The Congress, is for good reason, dedicated to European Refining and Petrochemical sector: there exists the vision that the European petrochemical and refining industry is to be recognized as the foundation of future economic success in Europe. Nowadays, there are a lot of large oil and gas companies operating in the world petrochemical and refining market. And it is they who are to give further development to the oil and gas refining sector and raise the world petrochemical market. But to reach this common goal, they need a good platform to share the latest innovations of the downstream industry and put them into effect. And PRC Europe 2017 is exactly the best platform for it. Participants will know the latest technologies and new trends of the petroleum refining industry. Moreover, special attention will be paid to the challenges and solutions in this field. The leaders of the industry, with the case studies, will show their own negative and positive experiences. Among the topics to be raised are Internet of Things, OpEx, Asset Optimization, Oil Refinery design and many others.