Benarx Structure Panels

A new video of Benarx Structure Panels. In its new video Benarx Solutions gives a brief introduction to passive fire protection and the benefits offered by its products.
Structure Panel.png

The company's passive fire protection products have significant global potential, and the marketing video has been created to raise awareness. 

The film is part of strengthening the marketing tools for Benarx products in Passive Fire Protection (PFP) products.
"The video is intended as a tool to help Beerenberg, Akzo Nobel and our own sales and marketing team to easily introduce PFP products to customers," says Tore Audestad, Product Manager, adding:
- Since Akzo Nobel from 2018 will also sell Benarx Chartek products, we chose to bet on panels first. He does not rule out that more videos will be made covering other product ranges.

The video is a project carried out in cooperation with Visco.
"We have had a good dialogue with Visco and experience that we have illustrated the most important benefits and properties of our epoxy products and actually tell what passive fire protection is," continues Tore Audestad

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