Sound Reducing Curtains

Noisy working environment is a major HSE risk for workers on offshore and onshore process plants. The Benarx Sound Reducing Curtain is an excellent tool for reducing the sound level is the work place. The sound reducing curtain can be used to isolate certain noise sources or to build a habitat around the work area to increase the working hours permitted in a noisy environment

The Benarx Sound Reducing Curtain is made of lightweight, flexible and extremely durable aramid fabric. The sound reducing curtain is a flexible and scalable solution based on panels that can be cut to size with a knife or scissor. The module based design makes it cheap and easy to reuse and recycle sound reducing curtains - Across different
work environments and geometries. The ultra high strength of the aramid fibers ensures maximum durability and lifetime.

  • Noise reduction index from 20 - 24 dB (depending on thickness ).
  • The curtains come in standard modules that are joined by Velcro joints
  • The fabric is easy to cut - Allowing easy modification when needed.
  • Antistatic properties that complies to ATEX directive 99/92 and 94/9.
  • Easy to install / easy to modify design, saving time when adapting the curtains to a new work site.
  • Non flammable (Oxygen index > 40 %)
  • Wide temperature range - 50°C to 150°C