Epoxy Pipe Shell

Maintaining the integrity of pipelines in an Oil&Gas production facility is essential in a potential fire. Durable passive fire protection of pipelines is therefore critical to maintain the desired level of safety in plants containing highly flammable and explosive hydrocarbons under pressure.

The Benarx Epoxy Pipeshell is ideally suited for passive fire protection of pipes. The light weight and slim construction of perforated stainless steel and intumescent epoxy coating is designed to withstand the toughest hydrocarbon and jet fire scenarios. The Benarx F Epoxy box can be custom made to fit any geometry around the valves or flanges. The prefabricated design with superior mechanical properties saves valuable installation time.

The Benarx Epoxy Pipe Shells are extremely quick to install and is an ideal solution for upgrade of passive fire protection on existing pipes with no epoxy work on site. The pipe shells can also be insulated with Aerogels on the inside for on pipelines with operational temperature >80 deg C.

  • Certified to withstand up to 120 minutes with Jet Fire, test according to ISO 22899-1 and OTI 95634 (250 kW/m2) and extended Jet Fire test modified from ISO 22899-1 (High Heat Flux 350 kW/m2)
  • Certified to withstand up to 120 minutes Hydrocarbon (HC) fire exposure according to EN 1363-2 Fire Resistance Tested and certified for explosion loads
  • Low Life Cycle Cost due to saving on installation time, long life time, fast and easy removal for inspection
  • Prefabricated design eliminates wet epoxy application on-site, resulting in reduced HSE risk and saving implementation time