Preformed End Cap Gasket

The end cap termination of pipe insulation is a critical point of water proofing the pipe insulation material. Keeping water out is the first line of defense against corrosion under insulation (CUI). Water ingress and trapping in the insulation material is major risk factor resulting in CUI developing over time.

Using the traditional stainless steel terminations a number of problems have occurred: Cutting injuries, damaged heat trace, damaged paint systems, insulators drilling holes in the pipes, and difficulties modifying and fitting the stainless steel terminations have resulted in the end caps not being properly sealed

By using an easy to install gasket which does not require any modifications to fit, large amounts of installation time is saved, and the risk of damaging the coating system and the heat trace of the pipe during installation is mitigated by the use of Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket. Choosing a non-metallic solution with better water sealing properties will help to save future maintenance costs and failures caused by CUI.

Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket

  • Offers an installation friendly end cap termination.
  • No risk of cutting injuries to personnel.
  • No risk of damage to heat traces or the painting system.
  • Saves cost by cutting the modification and installation time required with the traditional stainless steel end caps.
  • Does not require specially qualified metal-working personnel to install.
  • Completely watertight solution in contrast to the stainless steel end caps.
  • Self extinguishing and non-melting in fire.
  • Halogen free.